Picture of Sarah Ditchfield running a candle making workshop
Sarah running a 'Candle by Night' workshop at a previous Collective Art in Marlow event

In our next Meet and Greet we would like to introduce you to the face behind Candle by Night - Sarah Ditchfield

Describe yourself briefly  Hello, I’m Sarah and, prior to becoming a mother, I held a number of senior roles in human resources, specialising in training and development.  Five years ago my husband bought me a candle-making kit for Christmas and, over the next couple of years I developed a number of candle-making techniques using natural waxes. I now incorporate my passion for creating candles, together with my experience of training, to run candle-making workshops, children’s birthday parties and corporate team-building events.

I am married to Philip and have two lovely children, Louise age 10 and Christopher age 8.

Describe your style?  All the candles I sell are made using the natural beauty of soy wax; they are packaged in organza bags and decorated with beautiful handmade mulberry roses.

Tell us about your workspace? My workshop is in a conservatory, which is a lovely place to work as it’s spacious and light. I use solar panels to provide hot water and electricity, helping to make my candles environmentally friendly.

How and when did you get involved with Collective Art in Marlow?  I was invited to join by Julia Hayward from the beginning and it’s been a wonderful experience working alongside a group of passionate artisans.

What is your favourite technique? I like to experiment with natural waxes – one example is pouring boiling wax onto ice, which creates the most fascinating three dimensional crystal structures.  

Apart from candle-making do you have any other creative interests?  I love cooking and preparing dishes from around the world!

As a bit of fun we also asked Sarah the following: 

Favourite film: Two Christmas films – Polar Express and Love Actually – they both make me cry!

 Pets: Amber our lovely Welsh Springer Spaniel

 Favourite place to be: At home with my family

 Person I'd most like to invite to dinner: My husband

Random fact about me: I contributed as an author to a Dorling Kindersley book called Craft, which was published in October this year and promoted at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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