Picture of small ceramic flowers in a box as made by Rhian Winslade
Some of Rhian's pretty ceramic flowers
In today's 'Meet and Greet' feature we are delighted to introduce you to the collectives very talented potter - Rhian Winslade

Introduce yourself briefly: My name is Rhian Winslade and I am a potter based in Windsor. I originally studied hotel management as I wanted to be a chef, then became distracted by music and spent the next 10 years working for HMV managing shops and working as a project manager. I spent the next year studying interior design at Chelsea School of Art, then onto raising my family.
Describe your style?:  I love simple clean lines which I hope can be seen in my work, also contrasting textures, gritty clays with a very smooth glaze. The colours I love are all shades of blues & greens.
Tell us about your workspace?: My workspace where I have my kiln is in an old stable workshop in a Livery stables just outside Windsor Great Park. When I look out of my window I can see a five bar gate with horses grazing in a field. Idyllic in the spring summer, absolutely freezing in the winter! 
What inspires you?: I love 1950's design, children's illustrations, patterned textiles and the Welsh coastal landscape where I grew up.
How and when did you get involved with Collective Art in Marlow?: I became involved with the collective in the summer of 2011 when I took part in Bucks Open Studios.
What is your favourite technique?: My favourite way of working is to hand build, a slow process but one I love. I create the basic shape using coils of clay, and then refine using a very basic tool that looks like a mini grater. The shapes are then fired once, glazed, glass added then fired again.
Apart from ceramics, do you have any other creative interests?: When not spending time with my family, I love to bake and spend time (not enough) at my allotment.
Where else can we see your work?: My work is currently available via my website www.rhianwinslade.com at the Craft Coop in Maidenhead until Christmas, Emerald Gallery in Chalfont St Peter and occasionally at the Windsor Emporium. I’ll also be taking part in the Artisan Fair at Norden Farm on the 8 December.

As a bit of fun we also asked Rhian the following 'random' questions:
Favourite film: Now Voyager or any Bette Davis film
Pets: Mental Battersea Cat called Alfie
Favourite place to be: My Kitchen
Favourite dinner guest: Apart from my family, Trixie Flory
Random fact about me: I am only 4 foot 11

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