Picture of Julie Rumseys collagraph prints
Julie's stand at a previous Collective Art in Marlow event
Today we are pleased to introduce you to our talented printmaker - Julie Rumsey

Introduce yourself briefly  Hello, my name is Julie (or Jules to my friends) and I produce hand-pulled original prints on my etching press in my ‘Print Shed’ in Chalfont St Giles. I worked as a shoe designer for many years after doing a degree in Fashion & Textiles and now use the skills I acquired as a commercial designer and apply them to creating my own unique prints.

Describe your style?  I mainly specialise in Collagraph, dry point etching, and some lino cut work when the mood for a change takes me. I’d describe my style as contemporary and humorous using colours that I enjoy and that work well in the home - I love pattern, texture and colour.

Tell us about your workspace?  My workspace is a large shed at the end of the garden that I have kitted out with an etching press and all the paraphernalia for printmaking - it’s an expensive past time! My pet dog Dylan, (a scruffy curly headed Tibetan terrier), often joins me and sits outside on the bench warning me of any approaching danger or dare devil squirrels that might be lurking near by . . .

My chum Jacq (also exhibiting with Collective Art in Marlow) wrote this post on her blog back in the summer and included some photos of me in action in my Print Shed!  

What inspires you? I get a lot of inspiration from visiting museums and looking at naïve artefacts, I try to find something that makes me smile and give it a contemporary twist using colour and a catchy title to bring the subject back to life.

How and when did you get involved with Collective Art in Marlow? I first took part in the Christmas event in 2010. I love being part of a contemporary collective of artist makers.

What is your favourite technique?  I love the recycling aspect of using card and other ‘found’ objects to create a Collagraph plate. It’s much like an etching where the image is scribed onto the Collagraph plate (in reverse) using a sharp scalpel, further textures are then added using gesso, PVA or textured papers. The plate is sealed with shellac which gives the finished plate an aged feel, then inked using etching inks, the first and often the darkest colour known as ‘Intaglio’, gives the outline. Further colours are then introduced carefully and wiped back after each application, often using a cotton bud to create the lighter tones where required.

Apart from printmaking do you have any other creative interests? I’m fairly new to gardening and love growing flowers from seed for cutting and having in them in house. You can see my garden (and Dylan the star!) on a QVC gardening advert coming out in February. I also love creating anything by hand.

Tell us about where else we can see your work? I have work on display at ‘Emerald Gallery’ in Chalfont St Peter, plus sell through ‘Windsor Emporium’ on the first Sunday of most months. I also sell my work through the Granary sale in Chesham and have also taken part in Bucks Open Studios in 2011 at the same venue. I’m hoping to do the same in 2013 but from my own house.



As a bit of fun we also asked Jules the following:
Favourite film: ‘Atonement’ with James McAvoy and Keira Knightley.

A scruffy but adorable black & white Tibetan terrier called Dylan.

Favourite place to be:
In my shed on a sunny day being creative.

Person I'd most like to invite to dinner:
Jenny Éclair or anyone who can make me laugh.

Random fact about me:
I love sticking labels on things! OCD maybe…?

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