One of Fiona's vibrant paintings.
In today's Meet and Greet' we would like to introduce you to another 'new girl' to the collective family - fine artist Fiona Read

Introduce yourself briefly I live in Penn with my three girls, two dogs, two cats and one husband

Describe your style  I try and paint exactly what I see, so I guess it’s realistic.
Tell us about your workspace? I used to work in the corner of my bedroom, but the smell of linseed oil became a bit much!  I converted a barn in the back garden and now have my own space – wonderful!

What inspires you? Anything in nature that I notice and that strikes me as beautiful and interesting.

How and when did you get involved with Collective Art in Marlow?   I was introduced by my friends Sarah Jane Lewis and Carolyn Cameron. This December will be my first show with everyone. I’m very excited!

What is your favourite technique? I paint in oil glazes and gradually build up the painting. It takes a long time, as I have to let each layer dry, but I think it lends itself well to the subject.

Tell us about where else we can see your work? On my website www.fionareadart.com

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