Julia Hayward's workshop is suitable for children and adults.

When does this workshop run?
  Two sessions will take place on Saturday 18 May: 11.00am to noon and in the afternoon from 2.00pm - 3.00pm.

What can I make in this workshop?    You can either make a small hanging fused glass decoration (see photos at the end of this post for ideas) or a 10cm x 10cm fused glass coaster.  Please note that the glass work you produce in this workshop will need to be fused in Julia's kiln and so you will not be able to 'take your make' home with you at the end of the session.

Do I have to book?   No - just turn up.  If the table is busy when you arrive just wait until a place becomes free.  

How much does it cost?  £5 for each small hanging decoration and £10 for each coster. If you can not collect your fused works from Marlow there will be an additional charge to cover P&P.

How long will it take?  This depends on the level of decoration you want to add, but we recommend you give yourself 20 to 30 minutes for each piece - which gives you time to try one of the other three workshops that we are running . . .

How long will it take to get my glass decoration / coaster fused?  It will take 10 - 14 days to get completed work fused and posted out to you / ready to collect in Marlow.

To learn more about Julia Hayward and to see some more examples of her lovely glass work do take a look at her page on the 'About Us' tab and read her 'Meet and Greet' blog entry.

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