If you fancy making some noise and producing something lovely in copper as a result then this workshop with Oenone Randall is for you!  This workshop is suitable for children and adults.

When does this workshop run?
  Two sessions will take place on Saturday 18 May: 11.00am to noon and in the afternoon from 2.00pm - 3.00pm.

What can I make in this workshop?    You can hammer words and patterns into a pre-cut copper shape to form a pretty hanging decoration - you can chose from a bird, butterfly, cup cake, house, or pear.  There are some photos at the end of this post to give you an idea and to spark your imagination!

Do I have to book?   No - just turn up.  If the table is busy when you arrive just wait until a place becomes free.  

How much does it cost:  £5 per shape.

How long will it take?  This depends on the level of decoration you want to add - putting a few words / motifs on a shape to decorate it takes 10 - 15 minutes max which gives yoou time to try one of the other three workshops that we are also running . . .

To learn more about Oenone Randall and see examples of her lovely copper work (and jewellery) take a look at her page on the 'About Us' tab and read her 'Meet and Greet' blog entry.

Picture of Oenone Randall and her metal work at a previous event
Oenone's fabulous display of work at a previous event
In today's 'Meet and Greet' we would like to introduce you a lady who runs the noisiest workshops at our events - metal sculptor and jewellery maker extraordinaire - Oenone (e-no-knee) Randall 

Introduce yourself briefly Hi my name is Oenone and I have been a metal sculptor for about 16 years, and a jeweller for about three years now.
Describe your style  I make etched copper sculptures that usually have an animal or seaside theme, unless something else takes my fancy when I'm being creative - like copper spoons! My jewellery has a rustic quality and I just like to experiment and translate my ideas into pretty things using silver and copper clay.
Tell us about your workspace? My workspace is my garage. I have an acid bay, a welding bay, my beloved anvil and my main workbench. It is hot in summer and freezing in winter but I still love working in there.
What inspires you? I am inspired by playing music while I work and drawing new things to see if I can capture an image or phrase that I can then transfer into my metalwork.
How and when did you get involved with Collective Art in Marlow? I got involved with collective art through Coral who started it with Julia back in 2009/10.
What’s you favourite technique? My favourite technique is stamping words onto the copper.
Apart from playing with metal, do you have any other creative pursuits? I love drawing and painting and really love having a go at anything arts related that I haven't tried before. I also love singing and just finished a level one singing course in Marlow.
Where else can we see your work? My work is in the lovely Emerald Gallery in Chalfont St Peter - where I am doing a ‘make and take’ with stamped copper decorations on Saturday 8 December – come along it’s going to be LOUD and fun!   www.emeraldframes.com

I also have a wide selection of work in the Fire and Iron Gallery in Leatherhead – again well worth a visit: www.fireandiron.co.uk

As a bit of fun Oenone also shared the following:
Favourite film: Four Weddings and a Funeral
Pets: A new golden lab puppy called Tolly who is adorable and my girls have five goldfish
Favourite place to be: My sister-in-laws beach hut in Chichester with J and the girls.
Person I would most like to invite to dinner: Friedensreich Hundertwasser the artist (sadly dead now)
Random fact about me: I trained in embroidery before I became a metal sculptor.