Today we would like to introduce you to a new guest exhibitor who will be joining us for our November event - ceramicist Chris Inder.

Tell us a bit about you:
I'm Chris Inder and have lived in Bucks for 20 years now! I have three children, two very much grown up – my eldest daughter is 28 and my son 25, and one younger daughter who is 15.  I also have a granddaughter who is 4 and keeps everyone on their toes! I have always dabbled in making – pictures, jewellery, clothes etc. but only discovered the messy world of clay about 10 years ago.

Describe your style: My style is quite calm and understated and reflects the qualities of the material. I love the feel of porcelain at each stage of its transformation from clay to finished piece. It has a delicateness that belies its strength.

Tell us about your workspace: I have a fantastic space at Commercial Square Ceramic Workshops in High Wycombe, where I can be messy and not worry about treading clay all through the house!

What inspires you: Most specifically at the moment it is food and dining, however, recently on walks in our local woods I have seen a huge variety of fungi and am contemplating something more sculptural . . . . .

How and when did you get involved with Collective Art in Marlow: This is my first time with Collective Art in Marlow. I know Carolyn Cameron from Commercial Square and am very much looking forward to meeting and exhibiting with the rest of the group.

What is your favourite technique: My favourite is probably throwing; you really do feel the clay and can vary form and scale at the time of making. Plus if it is a complete disaster you just squash it up and start again.

Apart from pottery do you have any other creative interests: I enjoy knitting, making soft furnishings and pottering about in my garden.

Tell us about where else we can see your work: I have work on display at Obsidian Gallery in Stoke Mandeville, you can visit me at my studio in High Wycombe (please contact me first) and I exhibit at Art in Clay at Hatfield in July, plus you can check my website for other upcoming events.

For a bit of fun we also asked Chris the following:

Favourite film:  Comedy films with my 15 year old – we just laugh out loud (even in the cinema)

Pets:  A cat and 2 rabbits of our own plus we are socialising our 2nd puppy for The Hearing Dogs for The Deaf.

Favourite place to be:  Anywhere outside – garden, woods, by water . . .

Person I'd most like to invite to dinner:  Tricky one, but at the moment I would go for Nina Conti – ventriloquist – and her Gran!

Random fact about me:  I am restoring a narrow boat – a much bigger project than anticipated.

The slideshow below gives some examples of Chris' work:
Today we are catching up with fine artist Carolyn Cameron

Tell us a bit about you   Hello, my name is Carolyn and I recently graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, my work mainly involves stitching onto paper from my studio at Commercial Square in High Wycombe.

Describe your style   My work involves stitching onto paper in a contemporary style.  I am inspired by images of urban landscapes and architectural buildings. The images I create start from visits to various places around the world, where I take photos and record images in my sketch book, captivating the atmosphere and scenery. Returning to my studio, I initially sketch the scene I wish to create, before stitching it on to paper.

Tell us about your workspace?  I am very lucky I have a great studio in Commercial Square, where 19 artists are based working in a wide range of disciplines.  I have been there for about two years, starting in a studio based in Ceramics, I have worked my way up the building to my current studio at the top of this old furniture factory.  I have a great view over High Wycombe from one side of the valley to top of the Chilterns.  It is freezing in winter, boiling in the summer.  We hold opens studios twice a year, which is a great way to see artists at work.

What inspires you?: Having lived abroad as a child, including Rio de Janeiro and New York, surrounded by skyscrapers and architectural treasures, I am inspired by recording images of urban landscapes, creating cities and buildings through using watercolour and repetitive stitching

How and when did you get involved with Collective Art in Marlow?  I first took part in the May event in 2012.

What is your favourite technique? I love paper and stitching but I also have a real passion for printmaking and have an old press in my studio.  But rarely find the time to experiment. 

Apart from (your media) do you have any other creative interests?  I have just started upholstery!

Tell us about where else we can see your work?  I hold open studios at my studio in Commercial Square in High Wycombe in the summer and at Christmas.  My website details where else I will be exhibiting too.

For a bit of fun we also asked Carolyn the following:

Favourite film: Officer and Gentlemen!

Pets: Black Lab

Favourite place to be: I do love Brighton

Person I'd most like to invite to dinner: Any of the old masters.

Random fact about me: I am related to the late Jean Muir

The slide show below gives a sample of Carolyn's recent works - enjoy!