Clashing diary commitments sometimes mean that not all of our small 'Collective' can take part in every event. For our May event we have a different situation to report as one of our members has recently moved out of the area – exciting for her but sad for us.

Trixie Flory is a textile artist famed for her fabulously vibrant fabric creations and is one of the original members of our Collective. Trixie helped shape the event into what it is today.

Trixie’s stall was always a riot of ‘colourful gorgeousness’ and a real draw for visitors.  Her textile items are colourful, quirky – and practical. You have got to love her crochet critters and embellished felt bags. 

Something that may not be as widely known to our visitors was Trixie’s amazing cooking skills - the cakes she made for the Vintage Cafe were always exquisite and her cheesy biscuits were just YUM.

Trixie, we wish you well in your artistic endeavours in the future and want you to know that you will be missed by all of us – and the Pugin Rooms will be a less colourful place without you. Do come back and visit us when you are able.

The photos below of Trixie's stall were taken at our event in December 2012:
Collective Art in Marlow are pleased to let everyone know that we now have a finalised list of thirteen artist-makers for our May event at the Pugin Rooms in Marlow including fine art, printmaking, cakes, glass, metal work, jewellery, photography, mosaic, felt and textiles.

We will also be holding four different workshops: copper, felt, glass and mosaic so there is something for everyone to come and have a go at.  We will be featuring each of our workshop hosts on our blog in the lead up to the event so watch this space for more information.

Some of our regular artist makers can not make this event (but will be back with us in November) so we have invited along two new faces whose work compliments and enhances our offer - and we know you are going to love their work too!  Look out for new 'meet and greets' and 'About Us' pages over the coming weeks.  

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